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I have some top holsters from PerSec, JMKydex, and others and while really good, I know they can be better. If only someone could build a better more comfortable mousetrap..

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Priorities For A “Sub-Compact” Concealed Carry Pistol

  This article in a direct response to a really good student who is struggling with her first concealed carry purchase.  She’s sharp enough to just not copy what I or others do.. and instead to think this out for herself while still asking really good questions.  Feel free to offer “Sarah” your opinion in the comments section, ESPECIALLY if different from my own.   I hope you find this useful.   Steve   Sarah –   I ran across this test today while going through my normal reading.. It’s a Guns and Ammo test comparing 10 of the most popular single stack 9mm pistols. Keep in mind, this article is a teaser so you’ll go out and buy their actual magazine, but there’s still a lot there. The most valuable part of this test is the video. Watch it through to the end.               In my mind, which is based on my experience, I prioritize a sub-compact carry gun in this order:   a) The cartridge must absolutely be on the FBI’s lis ...

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  1. Re: Cerakote Micro-Slick BCG Application

    Can you help me out. I am planning on micro-slicking my bolt but I cant figure out how to get the bolt...

    -- Indred

  2. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Thank you!

    -- SteveW

  3. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Absolutely correct.

    -- mrglock



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