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Which Handgun Should I Purchase?

Now would be a good time to remember that gun dealers are in business first to make money. Your well being and safety while is the concern of the better ones, many would rather sell you the model with the highest mark-up than the gun that's right for you.

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Custom Safariland Holsters While Saving A Few Bucks

A few days later the brown truck dropped off a box and I unpacked my new holsters and was immediately disappointed. These just felt different, more “noisy”, cheaper, and not of the same high quality. A more careful inspection revealed they were exactly the same, but without the tactical IR reducing multicam Cordura “wrap.” Both had the internal suede lining and virtually every other feature was the same. It became obvious I’d be learning how to do Cordura wraps using IR reducing Cordura materals.

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The Modern .22 Training Weapon and Flaws With The Sig Sauer Mosquito

In summary I need to caution people NOT to purchase a Sig Mosquito until Sig works out these issues. Buy a Ruger SR22 or a S&W MP.22 instead. Our brace of MP .22's see very heavy duty use in our classes and are great.. I love them.

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Apex Tactical Trigger for Smith and Wesson MP9, MP9c, and Shield

The best way to describe this is the result is simply the most "1911 like" trigger you'll ever feel on a polymer striker fired weapon bar none. I chose the duty/carry set of parts first and ended up with a 7.1 pound pull that most swear is only 3.5 pounds. There is maybe a 3/32 of take up, followed by a crisp trigger break with zero over travel.

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For those of you who might encounter an issue with this please contact me and I’ll send you either my NRA Instructor number or an updated certificate in PDF form that you can then print out and submit. Sorry for the trouble, but predicting each states bureaucracy is more than a full time job. Yet we try.. J

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Champaign CCW–CCW Classes Qualify For Florida CCW Permit. Add States!

Did you know Champaign CCW - CCW classes also meets the training requirements for an out of state CCW from Florida, which adds nearly all the other states!

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The Anatomy Of A Range Bag

The proper size is vital. The bigger it is, the more stuff you’ll just have to have in it. And that means it gets heavier and heavier. What I really need at this point in my life is for a bag ‘just’ big enough to hold the items I absolutely must have at ‘most’ range sessions. No more and no less. So back to the work bench where I carefully laid out the fifteen things I must have in my bag.

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Modernizing Handguns For CCW Classes

And we're looking for more that qualify in this theme. Do you know of a .22 pistol that carries over a very close theme to a center fire handgun that you want to carry? If so let us know and we'll add it to our list.

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A CCW Instructor Chooses A new Backup Carry Gun, Part Two.

Now that I know we don’t have to use the yellow take down lever disassembly takes mere seconds. You can barely see the yellow take down level peaking up over the rear safety lever. Part 3 will be the last part and will detail how it shoots in a variety of CCW drills. Look for Part 3 in 7-10 days. I tend to take a long time to evaluate how well a handgun performs.

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A CCW Instructor Chooses A New Backup Carry Gun, Part Three

In conclusion I want to say that we naturally want to love everything we buy. How often does the new sports car buyer or new buyer of a big screen television tell you the seats are uncomfortable or the color is off? Rarely. Because of “buyers remorse” we often talk ourselves into ignoring faults.. especially if we can’t return it

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  1. Re: Cerakote Micro-Slick BCG Application

    Can you help me out. I am planning on micro-slicking my bolt but I cant figure out how to get the bolt...

    -- Indred

  2. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Thank you!

    -- SteveW

  3. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Absolutely correct.

    -- mrglock



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Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms Trade Opposition to Illinois FFL Licensing Scheme for Carve-Out

Earlier today, the Illinois State Senate passed bill SB-1657...

4/28/2017         Steve        Views: 2800

SB Tactical™ Announces Reversal of ATF Open Letter on the Use of SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces®

PRESS RELEASE: SB Tactical™ Announces Reversal of ATF Open Letter...

4/24/2017         Steve        Views: 2989

Illinois State Senator Introduces Bill To Violate Gun Owners Due Process

Illinois State Senator Julie A. Morrison (D) 29th District introduced...

4/16/2017         Steve        Views: 1912

Illinois: Suppressor Legalization Legislation Passes out of Senate Committee - But your Senator Still Needs to Hear from You!

Thanks to your emails and calls, Senate Bill 206, legislation...

11/29/2016         Steve        Views: 2521

It's already too late for gun control to work

It seems obvious: Restrict gun access, and people will be safer...

11/17/2016         Steve        Views: 2251

Study: 2 gun-control laws really do lower homicides (3 others don't)

Firearm laws that strengthen background checks and require permits...

11/17/2016         Steve        Views: 2084

Lawmakers propose putting serial numbers on all bullets sold in Illinois

With gun violence in Chicago at a fever high, lawmakers in Illinois...

9/01/2016         Steve        Views: 2612

US court upholds ban on gun sales to marijuana card holders

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal government ban on the sale of...

8/31/2016         Steve        Views: 2659

New Bill Looks To Reverse Gun Sign Law

A new bill in the Senate is looking to reverse the law that requires...

3/10/2016         Steve        Views: 3047

Illinois lawmakers may expand where concealed carry is legal

SPRINGFIELD — Three years after Illinois allowed citizens to...

3/08/2016         Steve        Views: 2908
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