I’ve been wanting to write this review for a while now, but one thing after the other coupled with a large bit of laziness has precluded any meaningful attempt. Yet, recently the subject was a topic of an email reply to a family member and once finished I realized I said everything necessary without my normal flair for excessive verbosity.. J Allow me to share:

Vortex Crossfire Red Dot w/Kinetics M-lok QD w/TangoDown Protective Cover

We’ve discussed this subject before.. but now after over six months of use my opinion has solidified.   In short I love Kinetic’s products.  They function flawlessly once you learn the quirky set and release.. once you do a perfect mount can take under a second.. almost like a magic trick. Indeed, many who have seen me use these products at first think it is a magic trick.

Vortex Crossfire Red Dot w/Kinetics M-lok QD w/TangoDown Protective Cover

Their mounts are smaller, more secure, self-adjusting, less expensive when compared to other top quality mounts (such as Larue, Bobro, and others), and I dare say they possess a “cool” factor I enjoy.

Over a year ago I bought an M-lok rail from Kinetics and was impressed with the tech but for a rail didn’t see much application not covered as well by standard M-lok rails.  If you require a solid quality rail that QD’s.. nothing is better.  I just don’t have that need.. yet.

Aimpoint T-2 Micro w/Larue mount

So when I bought the Vortex Crossfire Red-Dot Reflex.. a red dor reflex which is as close to a legal knock-off of the Aimpoint Micro’s as I’ve seen.. and by itself is impressive for what you get for $149 (common retail price).  The Bushnell TRS-25 AR my previous budget red-dot..at two thirds of the price.. I’d pay the $49 premium for the Cross Fire every time.  Probably because I know if necessary it could stand in for a quality Aimpoint Micro with few if any negatives  I put a Tango Down cover on it and on a Micro.. you’ve really got to look close to tell them apart. 

The 2 MOA dot presentation itself.. the only difference I see, is the dot is better defined, perhaps due to my eyesight as reflex red dots present differently to different eye issues such as astigmatisms. The battery life is rated at 50,000 hours. I’ve had it on a mid-setting for close to a year now and it hasn’t started to dim which is common with red-dot reflex sights.  The Crossfire Red-Dot Relflex if it needs saying, is almost a clone of the Aimpoint Micro’s and is mount compatible with them. So happy-happy with this.  It would not be a primary optic for a WROL (world without rule of law) scenario.. but as a secondary.. sure.  And if I got stuck with it anyway, it would be the least of my worries.

Aimpoint T-2 Micro w/Larue mount

Back to the mount.. when I bought this optic I needed a mount.  I considered another Larue.. but wanted something different, sexy even.. to serve as a secondary to a rifle I was building. The .224 Valkyrie bug hit me hard recently and I built what I think is a seriously nice 20” 6lb 14oz rifle. For distance shooting I’ve been enjoying my Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44mm until I could decide on something more appropriate for 1000+ meter work, but when this rifle is topped with a red-dot reflex it is perfectly suitable for 3-gun and other fast moving sports. Since I’ll be reloading for the .224 Valkyrie it won’t be that much more than reloading for higher end .223 rounds. Since my primary optic for this rifle will be high end, I wanted a more reasonably priced secondary optic since it would only be used for recreational purposes. This is where the Vortex Cross Red-Dot Reflex and the Kinetics M-lok Aimpoint Micro mount were introduced and were soon married and so far are very happy together.

After, I think at least six months.. it’s been on/off (primary optic vs secondary optic) a couple dozen times and held zero better than any other mount I have, and I have some really nice mounts.  Small, light, snag-free, precise, a near magical mount..  This combination was one of those happy purchases where everything works better than expected and is perfect for the intended application.

If I buy another optic and mount in the future, both are currently my first choice for any non-WROL application. Their military discount is weak (10%), is much appreciated.

I don’t write reviews for the sake of writing reviews or to promote my website or business. I only write them if I think they’re a seriously good product which I enjoy so much.. I want to share with others. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time.. Steve