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With school we got down to learning the three RRR’s. Some think this refers to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, others think it just refers to the education children will be exposed to, but probably most fitting is the three RRR’s refers to the basic precepts of any subject matter. I like the latter. So for those of us into the shooting sports we could say the three RRR’s really should be the three AAA’s, Aiming, Accuracy, and Ammo!

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◾Priority One will always come before Priority Two, Three, Four, Five, etc.. Students do not come to my class to get shot, nor do they come to learn habits or techniques that will get them hurt/shot subsequent to the class, nor do they come to learn habits or techniques half-way which have the potential to get them hurt/shot if they don’t learn and understand the full topic. For the rest of this short article we will refer to the Priority One Safety tenant as “The Prime Directive.” Star Trek fans might chuckle at the name.

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America’s Major Gun legislation

Americans, most often informed by the two major political parties and the main stream media, fail to agree on any acceptable and meaningful change. Or if change is needed at all. Yet, I’ve never talked to a gun owner who didn’t hope for some change albeit gun control or adding privileges like the ever popular SHARE (suppressor) bill or National Reciprocity. We yell and scream at each other, argue over the most trivial things, and often most of these problems can be helped by the ability to understand each other. So when I see "the National Firearms Act of 1986" (when reading a national news article) I know this writer doesn't understand what he/she is writing about.. so I just stop. It's not worth reading further. This happens when 70%+ of our politicians open their mouths.

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AR-15 High End General Purpose 5.56mm

Configuring an AR is very much personal preference. The more experience you have, the better you'll be able to choose your configuration. Many depend on factory pre-built rifles which is okay, though I often find them lacking in different ways, and others go to high end production rifles like the Larue Costa Edition and these aren't bad choices, though my experience shows that even these higher end rifles are more products of economy than perfection. I prefer perfection when possible so I continue to build my own carbines/rifles in hope that someday I'll find it.

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How To Choose A Concealed Carry Instructor And Why?

In Illinois it’s common practice for the defense, prosecution, or both to recognize the licensee’s concealed carry instructor as an expert witness. We could be asked basic questions such as: Did you pay attention in class, were you awake or falling asleep, did you ask good questions, were you argumentative, did you demonstrate a knowledge of the law in question, whatever the defense or prosecution thinks may benefit their case may surface and be asked. Your instructor might be asked how they taught a certain area, say the 21 foot rule. Your instructor should be able to step in front of a judge and jury, present a professional look and demeanor, and basically teach the jury the 21 foot rule so they understand it as you the student understood it, so they can see why you did what you ultimately did.

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Steiner eOptics DBAL-D2 Dual Beam Aiming Laser with IR LED Illuminator MOUNT UPGRADE

It didn’t take much research to find a quality replacement mount. I went straight to the Larue Tactical website and seeing they recommended the LT271 mount for the DBAL series went ahead and ordered it.

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Cerakote Micro-Slick BCG Application

In Cerakote’s catalog was a product called Micro-Slick. It’s a spray on no-bake coating similar to Nickel Boron in that it protects the piece while adding lubricity throughout the surface.

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RELOADING: Case Preparation

The CM2000 or maybe the CM500 is the media separator you want.. And if you need something to prop up the corner of your house this is the one you want. A night and day no doubt in my mind comparison. If you simply want the best media separator in the home reloading business, get the Dillon CM500 or CM2000.

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We like to think we're giving you the best experience possible. We still put the same importance on critiquing each other, and we still realize we have much to learn and room to improve. But we're more comfortable and know we're giving students a great value and not wasting their time.

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How to Choose a Carry Gun

But the most important question we can face is about training. How do we use this weapon for best effect? How to use it inside our home when loved ones are a thin wall away? How do we use it if we’re caught up in a armed robbery? What if we’re car-jacked. Home invasions are on the rise, does everyone in your home know their role and are they well trained to perform that role?

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  1. Re: Cerakote Micro-Slick BCG Application

    Can you help me out. I am planning on micro-slicking my bolt but I cant figure out how to get the bolt...

    -- Indred

  2. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Thank you!

    -- SteveW

  3. Re: Tactical Training Vs. Concealed Carry Training, The ABC’s

    Absolutely correct.

    -- mrglock



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Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms Trade Opposition to Illinois FFL Licensing Scheme for Carve-Out

Earlier today, the Illinois State Senate passed bill SB-1657...

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SB Tactical™ Announces Reversal of ATF Open Letter on the Use of SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces®

PRESS RELEASE: SB Tactical™ Announces Reversal of ATF Open Letter...

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Illinois State Senator Introduces Bill To Violate Gun Owners Due Process

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Illinois: Suppressor Legalization Legislation Passes out of Senate Committee - But your Senator Still Needs to Hear from You!

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It's already too late for gun control to work

It seems obvious: Restrict gun access, and people will be safer...

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Study: 2 gun-control laws really do lower homicides (3 others don't)

Firearm laws that strengthen background checks and require permits...

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Lawmakers propose putting serial numbers on all bullets sold in Illinois

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US court upholds ban on gun sales to marijuana card holders

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal government ban on the sale of...

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New Bill Looks To Reverse Gun Sign Law

A new bill in the Senate is looking to reverse the law that requires...

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Illinois lawmakers may expand where concealed carry is legal

SPRINGFIELD — Three years after Illinois allowed citizens to...

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