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 Champaign CCL Open Class Schedules

  • February 15-16th, from 08:30-5:30pm.  Both Days
  • March 14-15th, from 08:30-5:30pm.  Both days
  • April 18-19th, from 08:30-5:30pm.  Both days
(ISP recommends you renew 120 days from Expiration)

  • FEB 16th  08:30-12:30
  • MAR 15th 08:30-12:30
  • APR 19th 08:30-12:20

Unless Otherwise Stated All classes held at the:
Masonic Activity Center,
14 Bel-Air Court (off Windsor Rd/45) Champaign.  61820



  • BOOK YOUR PRIVATE CLASS NOW!  217-298-1452
  • Would your group like their very own private class?


 Call to set up in home classes for any day of the week, any time of the day

  •    $170 for the full 16 CCL hour course, $110 for vets for full 16hr course.  $150 for seniors 62 and over.  Only one discount applies.
  •    $125 for all Step-Up Pistol and AR-15 Classes  (200 rounds of ammo needed)
  •    $50 deposit
  •    $60 optional electronic fingerprint service will be available at the class
  •    No range fees
  •    No gun rental fees
  •    No fees for hearing or eye protection
  •    No fees for required photograph

You will need your carry gun, 50 rounds of ammo, ear & eye protection, appropriate clothing for the weather, tablet and pen, and lunch.  There are several fast food restaurants nearby.

Classes taught by an NRA and ISP certified instructors with both large city Police and military qualifications and experience.

Please leave your firearm/ammo in your car during classroom hours
(If you want to bring it inside, tell the instructor and he'll tell you where to secure it.)

If you don't have a gun, hearing or eye protection, or anything else let us know ahead of time and we'll bring you one of ours.

*Classes will be held in the:

Masonic Activity Center,
 14 Bel–Air  Court  (off of Windsor Road/hwy 45) Champaign, IL. 61820   (217) 352-7099

The  range time on a private range outside the Champaign/Urbana city limits.  Directions, GPS coordinates, and a map will be provided.

Range Safety Officers will be present for this portion of the class and will not exceed a 1:3 ratio.

*The venue may change dependent on availability



Step-Up 1:  Intermediate skills class to be held on the morning of (please see above for dates) from 900-1pm This class is targeted at the person who just received their concealed carry permit and desires to enhance their skills and build confidence when carrying concealed and is targeted strictly towards surviving an armed encounter. These classes are limited to a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 students to provide 2:1 student/instructor coverage and rapid learning.

During this 3-5 hour course we will cover stance, grip, sight picture, trigger press, drawing, re-holstering, shooting drills, the concept of cover vs. concealment, and many other skills designed to ensure survivability during an armed encounter and inspire confidence when carrying concealed. We also teach several relevant drills designed to survive a shootout and as a way for a student to later practice on their own AND measure progress. They will be introduced to the shot clock as a training aid.

Because of the inherent risk involved with drawing WE SUPPLY the firearms, holsters, magazines, and mag pouches. These are service sized Glocks (models 17 and 19 in 9mm) and Safariland ALS retention holsters most commonly used in law enforcement academies. Our equipment is new and regularly and expertly maintained by a Glock Armorer. The Glocks are equipped with the Hackathorn sighting system which we highly encourage.

Students will need to bring a STRONG belt, hearing and eye protection, and 200 rounds of 9mm FMJ ammunition. Ammunition must be NEW (our firearms are currently under warranty). We will make ammunition available to any student for $15 per box of 50.

This is the first of a six part series with parts 2-6 to be offered at a later date. Students are required to provide their own equipment for parts 2-6.


* Classes will be held in the:

Masonic Center,  14 Bel–Air  Court  (off of Windsor Road/hwy 45) Champaign, IL. 61820   (217) 352-7099

The  range time on a private range outside the Champaign/Urbana city limits.  Directions, GPS coordinates, and a map will be provided

Range Safety Officers will be present for this portion of the class and will not exceed a 1:3 ratio.

* The venue may change dependent on availability

Our Instructors are NRA and ISP licensed which allows you to get your Illinois, Florida, and Arizona  and many other states CCL permit.  We hand out the Florida CCL packets in each class as this is adds the most states.



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