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PLEASE READ:  You will be taken to a port that asks for your paypay account, or asks you to create an account, OR to use your credit or debit card to pay.

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EXAMPLE:  If you  pay a $50 deposit, you will owe $120 on the first day of class, or $100 if a student with current student ID, or $60 if a veteran or active/reserve with any official documentation such as ID card, DD214, last set of orders, VA card, any official document showing you served.

If you choose to get fingerprints (w/prints your permit comes back on average in 35-45 days wo/prints 3-5 months) you'll pay Biometric Impressions $55 cash/check or $60 credit card on the second day of class.

Our $30 optional application completion service will be paid on the second day of class.  This is optional and we'll provide you with a "How to complete your application" PDF and will answer your questions and/pr help you do it over the phone as much as we can, yet some would rather have it done so we do that if you like.

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