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I’m loathe to talk about myself but people want to know who’s going to be their instructor so here goes:


On the firearms training front I’ve been shooting in competitions since I was a boy starting with the typical turkey shoots and eventually IDPA, IPSC, High-Power and military competitions as an adult.  You could say I was raised with a gun in my hands and not be far from the reality.


As an adult I went through the six month long San Diego Police Academy and earned my P.O.S.T. certification where I rode patrol in South Eastern (crack house territory), Southern (San Ysidro known for heavy gang activity and human smuggling), and Mission Bay (afloat patrol drug interdiction).  During that time I trained with SWAT, completed the first ever Coast Guard Academy for Police Officers, worked vice as needed, and specialized in gang suppression.  It was an exciting time in my life and there’s a lot I didn’t do long enough to really claim, but I can tell you I loved every minute.


Later while in the Navy I was a regular member of the QRF (Quick Reaction Force), performed range qualifications, and worked with the Coast Guard on drug interdiction boardings.  When I wasn’t doing that I was a Cryptologic Technician, Operations Watch Chief, and later an Instructor at the Cryptologic Technical Training Center in Pensacola Florida. I qualified Expert with pistols every year.


Later I retired and ran my own gun smithing business making custom 1911’s and repairing and building a wide variety of firearms.  I also maintained my own range during this period including three handgun ranges, a hundred yard range, and  a three hundred yard range.  I held my FFL during this time.


During all this time I was an avid photographer and did part time photography and journalist work.  Finally I worked for 3-4 years as a full time photographer before moving to Thailand where I worked as a professional photographer and journalist for over a decade before returning home and settling in Illinois with two of my sons.


On the academic front I hold several academic degrees and have experience teaching university classes in the sociology and business programs and for several extension universities operating in Asia and several local universities.  While never a full time position, I regularly picked up classes as my military duties allowed and grew to enjoy it very much.   I also have experience as a certified Military Instructor and Company Commander, holding a full time instructor position.  While there I met requirements to earn the Master Training Specialist designation.   As a military instructor I taught advanced electronic and cryptography courses for the Navy’s Intelligence and Cryptology programs.


That bring us to this period in my life where all my education and skills come together teaching firearm and personal defense classes.  I've completed numerous NRA courses and NRA instructor courses and many tactical training classes.

As a final note:  Competition in this market is keen.  I would tend to steer clear of instructors who disparage other instructors or try and tell you their experience doesn't apply to concealed carry.  The truth is, everyone's experience applies to concealed carry because it's a lifestyle.  The trick is to increase the breadth of your experience by learning from those who possess different experiences than yourself.  Anyone who tells you that instructors with Special Forces or Police training can't bring anything to the training of civilians concealed carry has simply not been exposed to these environments.  I have, and while much doesn't apply, some very important parts you can't get anywhere else do. 

Anyone who needs to belittle or disparage other instructors is doing so for a reason.  I'll leave it to you to know what that reason is



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