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  • LLINOIS 16 Hour CCL CLASSES $170


    Qualifies for Illinois and Florida CCL
    ISP, Illinois State Police and NRA Certified
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    • WEEKDAY CLASS, generally there hasn't been enough interest so let me know if you're interested and I'll form a list to contact you when there's enough for a class.   Thank you.

    Champaign CCL Classes

    • MAY 19-20th, CCL from 08:30-5:30.  Both Days
    • JUN 16-17th, CCL from 08:30-5:30pm.  Both Days
    • JUL 21-22nd, CCL from 08:30-5:30pm.  Both Days
    • Ask about classes beyond these dates..



         Veteran Owned and Operated          


    Our Instructors are NRA and ISP licensed which allows you to get your Illinois, Florida,and Arizona  and many other states CCL permit.  We hand out the Arizona & Florida CCL packets in each class as this is adds the most states.


Champaign CCW believes in a safe common sense approach to gun ownership and the decision making involved with self-defence.  We understand you may not be an adventure seeking Navy Seal, but rather an ordinary private citizen who   wants to avoid confrontation.  Yet, you see the necessity in being prepared in the event you must protect your own, or the life of a loved one.  Champaign CCW will help you learn the skills and acquire the quiet confidence of concealed carry.

Most people prefer the classroom environment for its economics, but if you would rather take the course in the privacy of your own home or perhaps you have a large family who would like to take it together, we can accommodate either.  We can also accommodate the disabled and any of the smaller communities.

Concealed Carry ISP Certified 16 Hour Classes
Step Up Advanced Concealed Carry Modules
NRA Basic Pistol & Metallic Reloading (coming soon)
Refuse To Be A Victim  (arrange for your employees or other groups?)
Group Classes & Private Lessons





Steve Weldon, Illinois State Police Licensed CCL Instructor
NRA Certified Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer,  and Refuse
To Be A Victim Instructor.
Former Law Enforcement - P.O.S.T. Certified, Retired Military,
Military Instructor. 
30+ Years of Concealed Carry Experience in  6 States.

Matthew Weldon, Illinois State Police Licensed CCL Instructor
NRA Certified Basic Pistol




Serving the greater Champaign/Urbana/Savoy/Tolono/Danville and many more Illinois areas


We can also travel and set up classes anywhere your company or agency has a need including neighbouring states as long as a range is available.  If you have such a requirement give us a call at 217.298-1452 and we can talk specifics.



Our next classes will include show&tell of several of my favourite weapons lights, the popular Surefire x300 Ultra and the Streamlight TLR-1hl.  You'll be able to compare them side by side in actual use both with and without their functionally same but built different remote switches.  Having trouble deciding if a light woudl fit your needs and if so which one?  Come try them.  And for the next 2-3 classes I'll be making available (during range time) a very special pistol I've been putting together that you have to shoot to believe.  See you at class!  Steve


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